Birmingham is home to several attractive museums and galleries. Here’s taking a closer look at them.

1. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

BM&AG is an art gallery and museum in Birmingham, England that showcases a collection of international significance such as fine arts, metal work, natural history, jewellery, ethnography, archaeology, industrial history, and local history. It is a centrepiece museum of Birmingham that places ancient Greeks alongside modern Midlander’s. It is a Grade-II listed Museum and Art Gallery which is known for its Pre-Raphaelite assortment. It is a mini-museum which exhibits the Edwardian tearooms as well as Egyptian artefacts. It is a mix of culture and ethnicity.

2. Museum of the Jewellery Quarter

The city of Birmingham has a renowned history of jewellery-making that goes beyond its international repute to produce precious gemstones. It is one of the nine museums in Birmingham that are run by the Birmingham Museum Trust. The workshop of the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter exhibits the gleaming past of the city’s jewellery-making by capturing the historical working life in the famous Jewellery Quarter. The workshop exposes the vast array of real machinery, stamps and tools that remain intact till date.

3. Ikon Gallery

Ikon is a contemporary art gallery in Birmingham which has received worldwide acclamation for its collection of contemporary art. This art gallery has evolved into an internationalist artistic programme in a neo-gothic setting which showcases the mix of the international with the local. The off-site programme of Ikon contributes to a dynamic correspondence between art, audience, and artists beyond the gallery. Keeping education at its heart, it also houses contemporary visual art of international importance. It attracts over 20000 visitors every year.

4. Think Tank

Birmingham has a rich history of scientific innovation. Think Tank is one of the renowned science museums in Birmingham that inspires the Gen Z of Einstein. The family-friendly science museum pops down to the city centre’s Millennium Point building and boasts four floors of scientific exploration. It has got an exceptional Science Garden, a Planetarium, a Spitfire Gallery, a Marine World Gallery, and dinosaurs for entertaining children. There is a child-sized city consisting of different play zones and cafes to stop by.

5. Pen Museum

The Pen Museum takes you back to the time before the invention and invasion of computers. The production of steel pen nibs was a significant industry in the Victorian era of Birmingham with 129 companies and more than 8000 workers. It is one of the premier museums in Birmingham that uncovers the rich history of the city. If you visit the Pen Museum in Jewellery Quarter, you will learn about the fascinating tools and objects that make up the pen trade and its significant and classic legacy

6. RBSA Gallery

The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists has a rich history running through the veins of the city. The RBSA was established in the 1820s and soon received its royal charter from Queen Victoria in 1868. The RBSA Gallery supports artists through its artist-led charity for promoting engagement with the contemporary and historical visual arts through a wide range of workshops, events, and exhibitions. Being close to the serviced apartments in Birmingham it attracts tourists and young students residing in the city.

7. The National Motorcycle Museum

The National Museum of Motorcycle has been recognised as the largest and finest motorcycle museum of Britain which was originally established in October 1984 with an exclusive collection of 350 bikes on display. Among the extensive assemblage of motorcycles many are made in England. This museum attracts more than 250,000 visitors every year from across the world. It aims to preserve the historical pieces of the machines for the future. It is one of the most visited museums in Birmingham.

8. Iron House

If you want to visit Birmingham’s most multifaceted art space, you should come down to Iron House, which is in the Jewellery Quarter, the heart of the city. This museum was once an underground nightclub and pawn shop and its current iteration was founded and established by a group of event managers, gallerists, property developers and marketers. Today, it hosts memorable artistic events and offers unique opportunities to contemporary artists. Iron House boasts its lofty architecture and lounge bars in a contemporary setting.

9. Lapworth Museum of Geology

Birmingham is known for its rich history and its careful preservation. Lapworth Museum of Geology is one of the distinctive museums in Birmingham which is basically a treasure trove for extraordinary fossil fiends. This museum is run by the University of Birmingham and houses an extensive collection of rocks, minerals, fossils, maps and more. It exhibits more than 250,000 historical specimens that date back to 3.5 million years. Entry into the museum is free of cost on the university campus at Edgbaston.

10. Sarehole Mill

Sarehole Mill is a working water mill of Birmingham which is set in the beautiful landscape that largely inspired Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Hobbit’. The family-friendly exhibits of Tolkien and the Victorian Bakehouse are the main attractions of this museum. It is also one of the rural museums in Birmingham that says a lot about Christmas Wreath workshops and Celtic winter calligraphy workshops. The Origins of Middle-Earth is also an attraction of this place built around the rural setting of the city.